Scope of Arbitration

The scope of accepting cases

According to Article 2 of the "Arbitration Law of the People's Republic of China", "Contract disputes and other disputes over property rights and interests between citizens, legal persons and unincorporated organizations of equal subjects may be arbitrated." The scope of accepting cases accepted by the Association includes:

1. Contract disputes. It mainly includes disputes over construction contracts, real estate contracts, lease contracts, property contracts, loan contracts, insurance contracts, trademark licensing contracts, and maritime and maritime contracts.

2. Other property rights disputes. It mainly refers to various infringement disputes, including infringement disputes involving property rights and interests in the fields of consumer rights infringement, product quality, and intellectual property rights.

In addition, Chinese law also stipulates the content of disputes that cannot be arbitrated:

1. Civil disputes related to citizenship relationship, specifically disputes over marriage, adoption, guardianship, maintenance, and inheritance;

2. Administrative disputes that should be handled by administrative organs according to law;

3. Economic disputes in special fields: labor disputes and disputes over agricultural contracts within agricultural collective economic organizations.

In addition, according to the provisions of the Arbitration Law, the Association can handle not only domestic arbitration cases, but also foreign-related arbitration cases.

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