Filing related materials

Materials to be submitted when applying for arbitration

1. For the arbitration agreement, please bring the original copy of the arbitration agreement or the contract with the arbitration clause for review;

2. An application for arbitration with the following contents:

(1) The name, gender, date of birth, work unit, domicile, contact number, fax, e-mail and other possible quick contact information of the party concerned; the name, domicile and legal representative or main person in charge of the legal person or unincorporated organization name, gender, date of birth, title, address, contact number, fax, e-mail and other possible quick contact methods;

(2) The arbitration claim and the facts and reasons on which it is based;

(3) The signature or seal of the applicant;

3. Evidence and other materials on which the arbitration application is based, the submitted evidence materials should be accompanied by a list of evidence materials, and the evidence materials should be numbered and numbered well;

4. The applicant's identity certificate, if the applicant is a natural person, provide a copy of the resident ID card or other identity certification materials; if the applicant is a legal person or an unincorporated organization, submit a copy of the business license, the legal representative's identity certificate and ID card photocopy.

The number of copies submitted is:

The arbitration application and evidence materials shall be in triplicate and the general procedure shall be in quintuplicate (unless otherwise agreed by the parties, if the amount of the subject matter does not exceed RMB 1 million, the simplified procedure shall apply; if the amount of the subject matter exceeds RMB 1 million, the ordinary procedure shall apply. ); a copy of the identity documents of the parties and their agents.

When a party submits an application for arbitration, an application for counterclaim, a statement of defense, evidentiary materials and other relevant documents, the number of copies shall also be increased according to the number of parties and the number of arbitrators who constitute the arbitral tribunal.


1. All the above materials use A4 paper.

2. The Association provides the format of the arbitration application, the list of evidence, the identity certificate of the legal representative, the power of attorney and other sample arbitration document formats for your reference and filling. For details, please refer to the service hall of this website - document download.

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